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Adoption FAQs

Can I use the stepparent adoption forms if the other parent doesn't agree to the adoption?

No, we don’t recommend it.  Adoptions are complex and you need an attorney’s guidance if the absent parent does not agree with the adoption.

Can I do the adoption if the other parent has abandoned my child?

Abandonment must be proven in court and the evidence needed can vary from case to case.  Our recommendation is to consult with an experienced adoption attorney if you believe that the other parent has abandoned your child.

How can I adopt my stepchid?

To adopt your stepchid in Nebraska, you must qualify to adopt, and you must file the appropriate legal forms in the county court where you reside to legalize the adoption. 

Is it possible to do an adoption without a lawyer?

We don’t recommend completing an adoption without an attorney, but some stepparent adoptions can be relatively easy to complete.  For instance, if one biological parent is deceased, or their parental rights have been terminated, it makes it easier to complete the stepparent adoption process in Nebraska.

Adoption Legal Services

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If you decide to hire an attorney to assist you in finalizing your adoption, we are happy to help! Book a call with us at Bundy Law LLC.

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