Make your blended family official

You already get all the hugs and kisses.

Now get the legal status you deserve.

DIY Nebraska stepparent adoption forms starting at $599 + costs

Make your blended family official

You already get all the hugs and kisses.

Now get the legal status you deserve.

DIY Nebraska stepparent adoption forms starting at $599 + costs

“We chose to do a stepparent adoption, Ms. Bundy…was the third attorney that I have retained for this same purpose and is the only attorney who was able to get us to where we are today.”


“We had spent $10,000+ and gone through 3 different lawyers who promised they could get our stepparent adoption done but didn’t. Lucrece moved quickly and had my stepparent adoption finalized in about 4 months!!!”


“My husband & I recently worked with Lucrece for a stepparent adoption and Lucrece exceeded our already high expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable, & made the process as quick & easy on us as possible.”


Why Complete Your DIY

Stepparent Adoption?

Because it represents more than just “a piece of paper.”


Adoption is more than just a piece of paper. It solidifies what is already true – you are the parents.


Give your spouse the gift of
legal recognition for who they
already are – a loving parent.


Build a stronger family bond and
identity where everyone shares
the same last name.

As a licensed adoption attorney in Nebraska, I have finalized 100s of adoptions. These Nebraska adoption forms were created to help you complete your DIY stepparent adoption.

– Lucrece H. Bundy, esq., Founder of Bundy Law LLC and Adoption Forms Express

Why You Need Nebraska Adoption Forms

Save Thousands of Dollars on Lawyer’s Fees

Adoption can be costly if you hire an adoption lawyer to assist you with the adoption process.  Save thousands of dollars and adopt quickly with Nebraska Adoption Forms today!

Professionally Prepared By an Experienced Nebraska Adoption Lawyer

Nebraska Adoption Forms are prepared by an experienced Nebraska Adoption lawyer who has helped 200+ Nebraska families adopt children. 

Make Your Family Bond Stronger 

Adoption is more than just a piece of paper. It solidifies what is already true – you are the parents.

How It Works

Step 1: Find Out if You Qualify

Adoption Forms Express will not work for everyone.  Click here to find out if you qualify for the templates.

Step 2: Choose Your Best Option

We offer two powerful options: blank downloadable stepprarent adoption forms that you fill out yourself, and stepparent adoption forms that we fill out for you with the information you provide us.

Step 3: Adopt Your Child

After you choose your best option, all you need to do is receive your forms, follow the instructions given to you and adopt your child. It’s as easy as that!



Do It Yourself



What’s included:

  • Stepparent adoption downloadable forms that you fill out yourself (Take a sneak peak here)
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to fill out the forms and file them with your local court
  • Detailed instructions for what to expect and what to bring to the court hearing
  • A list of questions the judge may ask you at the court hearing
  • Instructions for how to order the new birth certificate
  • (1) Free 15 Min Consultation with Lucrece Bundy, attorney at law, to answer any questions you have



We Do it For You



What’s included:

  • Everything included in Option 1, plus
  • Ready-to-use stepparent adoption forms we fill out for you with the information you provide us








What is the Nebraska stepparent adoption process?

First, you must be married and the child must live with the stepparent for at least 6 months.

Next, you must generally notify the absent biological parent of the adoption, the custodial biological parent must agree to the adoption and the stepparent must complete background checks.

Then, the necessary adoption papers must be filed with the county court where the adoptive parent lives to finalize the adoption.

To get a more detailed process for Nebraska stepparent adoption, read our blog here.

Can I do the adoption if the other parent has abandoned my child?

Abandonment must be proven in court and the evidence needed can vary from case to case.  Our recommendation is to consult with an experienced adoption attorney if you believe that the other parent has abandoned your child.

Can you guarantee that a judge will accept the stepparent adoption forms?

The stepparent adoption forms provided on this site are compliant with Nebraska adoption laws and were drafted by an experienced Nebraska adoption lawyer.  We strive to keep the forms as up-to-date as possible.  

Can I get a sneak peek of what the forms look like?

Yes absolutely! Click here to see a preview of some of the Nebraska stepparent adoption forms available.

Success Stories

Based on 118 reviews
Halewya Lopez
Halewya Lopez
September 5, 2023
I hired Bundy law because it was the only one I found that could do step parent international Addoption the right way. I found one lawyer in my area before I found Bundy law, but it looked like that lawyer didn’t know specifically what they can do for international adoption. But working with Lucrece Bundy was a completely different story. She walked me through the process in detail and made me feel that I was in good hands. My case had some complications in the process, but Mrs. Bundy helped me through it all without giving up. I would highly recommend Lucrece Bundy for your step parent adoption case. We love her!
Danica Leick
Danica Leick
August 29, 2023
We chose Bundy Law for our recent adoption. Lucrece was very professional and kind. We would definitely use her again in the future if needed.
Mikey Nonips
Mikey Nonips
August 29, 2023
Bundy law helped me and my wife get guardianship over my niece and nephew made a long tedious prosses streamlined we are very pleased with the outcome
Susie Frye
Susie Frye
August 28, 2023
I hired Bundy Law for a step parent adoption. I chose Bundy Law because as soon as I talked to her she was very easy to talk to and explained things in a way they didn’t seem so simplicities anymore. Working with Lucrece Bundy was wonderful. She was always there when I needed any questions answered and if she wasn’t I always hear back within 24 hours. She really prepared me for what to expect in the courtroom. I’ve never felt so prepared and at ease. That way I could really focus on my family and the well being of our child. I would highly recommend Lucrece Bundy for your adoption needs.
Olesya Kayton
Olesya Kayton
August 19, 2023
We were really happy to work with Ms. Bundy. We chatted over the phone about our case which was a step parent adoption and we both agreed that she was the best for the job of our options. It went well and smoothly. I definitely cried in court, tears of joy, that we are finally all the Kayton family! Super easy and I would definitely recommend her.
Gabriela Anderson
Gabriela Anderson
August 16, 2023
I hired Bundy Law for a stepparent adopting. I chose Bundy Law because she is very professional and easy to work with. She was very reassuring and communicative throughout the whole process and made it easier no matter what questions or concerns we had. I would highly recommend Lucrece Bundy for your stepparent adoption needs.
Trudy W
Trudy W
August 9, 2023
I choose Lucrece Bundy to handle my adoption case. She made the process easy, explained everything clearly and communicated with me throughout the process! I would recommend Lucrece to anyone needing to adopt as my experience was so great with her! She is always willing to answer any questions you have and is very compassionate and supportive!
Amanda Rumelhart
Amanda Rumelhart
July 1, 2023
Dealing with Bundy Law has been a great experience. She was quick with responses or questions I had pertaining to my case. I would recommend her for your legal needs.
Sherrie Slate
Sherrie Slate
June 26, 2023
I hired Bundy Law for two guardianship transfers. I chose Bundy Law because when I was calling around for information on this type of case, she was informative and was kind when I asked questions. She was straight forward and made the process easy. Working with Lucrece Bundy was easy, and I felt confident that she was aware of the legalities of our situation. She was responsive and showed such professionalism. I would highly recommend Lucrece Bundy for your guardianship needs. She was fast, responsive and responded to what was a bit of an emergency situation for us.
Laura Ruwe
Laura Ruwe
June 26, 2023
We hired Bundy Law for international re adoption case for our daughter. We chose Bundy Law because we have worked with her in the past and loved working with her. Working with Lucrece Bundy was easy, professional and personal. We would highly recommend Lucrece Bundy for your adoption cases! What a joy it was to have her organizational skills to make our case easy and straightforward.

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